Mear Meter Elizerbeth High School

Nkanu West, Enugu State

The order of our daily routine is visible in our neat dress code, our meals, and our evening study rooms. at the same time, we provide personal attention and support and prepare ou [..]

Secondary School

  • Founded since : 2004
  • 08086194051

School Mission

The order of our daily routine is visible in our neat dress code, our meals, and our evening study rooms. At the same time, we provide personal attention and support and prepare our students for both independence and success in college, university, careers, and life. Hon. Oluwole Oke, the chairman of the school, originally dreamed of a school where teaching consists of the continuing nurturing of students and the learning process. The function of the school as an institution and community is, therefore, to provide the structure and support most conducive to the best teaching and learning. Since its founding, LBIS has strived to maintain an atmosphere which encourages communication and understanding. This closeness is the cornerstone of life at LBIS. Teachers, coaches, and boarding parents frequently and naturally serve as means through which students can receive help, understanding, advice, and a friendly ear as they encounter difficulties in their lives. Throughout our history, LBIS students have enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for being courteous. LBIS students have always been expected to be polite and respectful to all adults. Our community shares a belief in the importance of civility and the rules of common courtesy. Students should greet peers and staff in a friendly manner when passing in school and they should offer assistance to school visitors. Students should always help to ensure that our school facilities are kept clean and in good repair. Our traditions have endured for years, but they are only as strong as the students’ willingness to uphold and defend them. Academic work is based on the school motto, “knowledge and self-reliance”. The curriculum of LBIS is a commitment to an educational experience that not only emphasizes knowledge and intellectual discovery, but also helps students develop a moral framework by which to live their lives. The essential “work” of the school is the body of learning processes and experiences through which the young men and women under our care grow into well-educated young adults. Of primary importance is the value of the strengths taught by the liberal arts, humanities and sciences — thinking critically, writing effectively, speaking forcefully, and solving problems analytically — and the school has designed the requirements with these skills in mind. In addition to receiving as much informal counselling as he or she needs, each student will also be assigned a form tutor and a house parent (if the student is a boarder) with whom he or she will meet frequently. This adviser will stay informed about his or her advisees’ progress in the classroom, in the dormitories, on the playing fields, and in other extracurricular activities. Aside from the formal duties which the form tutor and house parent will perform (such as distributing grades and making periodic reports to each student’s parents through the management), the staff member will also support and encourage each student, trying always to promote each student’s best interests and to make each student’s LBIS experience as worthwhile as possible. All the boarding students live in the school hostels on campus. Each hostel is supervised by qualified boarding staff that assists in the welfare of all boarders under their care. The Mission of the School LBIS aims to provide the most organised school with all the suitable boarding facility possible as the belief is that all children should have the feeling of home-away-from-home. LBIS aims to provide all the young people in its care with the following: Caring and nurturing staff to guide and support them as they travel through their teenage years. A safe place where rules and regulations are put in place to protect and guide students. A stimulating programme of activities that make life out of school socially stimulating and educational. An environment where love and respect for everyone are normal and practiced by all. A place where all the students’ needs of healthy food, clothing and shelter are provided. A place where ‘tough love’ is practiced and where students accept the codes of discipline and good behaviour. A home where students learn how to care for themselves, care for their rooms and belongings and care for the larger community in which they live. A home where students learn how to contribute to the running of the home through active participation. A home where students learn self-discipline and start taking responsibility for their actions . An environment where students are encouraged to develop their artistic and sporting talents. An environment where the cultural backgrounds of students are celebrated frequently through performance arts. An environment where faith values are promoted and modelled and where respect for self, for others and for property underpins everything that takes place in this home. An environment where students are taught the value of independence and self-sufficiency. Download the school brochure. PDF Quick links School Calendar Moodle Fee Payment Tour Careers

School Vision

Their vision is to educate 21st century leaders who are independent learners and responsible citizens.

School Focus

We focus on bringing up a well behave leaders who can stand out to face the challenges in the world.



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Mear meter school have contributed a lot to the society by providing a world class education for children in Enugu area and nigeria as a whole

Mear Meter Elizerbeth High School

Ojiagu Agbani

Agbani Area

Nkanu West

Enugu State

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