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Who are your students?

All students of your school most have – “the extraordinary” …

Qualities can be listed and titled any of these, but schools that are mindful of these call it their…

-Students profile
-Students disposition
-Students DNA.

You hear all the students of such schools say we are…

-Problem solvers and so on.

I am not talking about good academics alone as this is very common in most schools, rather exclusive qualities that employers will grab your alumni for and ones which will make your country an enviable place to be.

In Nigeria too much of emphasis are laid on grades, and paper qualifications but we need more than that.

Any school that is surely wants to stand out should be doing a lot more than grades.

As we step into 2019, even though it does not sync with the beginning of a new academic year, but your resolution should be…

What are we being deliberate about as a school? – Over to you school heads, principals and owners.

Good luck with doing this and Happy New Year!

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