hour glass

The hour glass

School children are taught how to tell time somewhere between the ages of 6 and 8. But simply teaching them to tell time doesn’t give them understanding of the value of time. Here we present a few ways to go about this;

Decide When to Start:

When embarking upon the adventure of teaching kids the value of time, you must first decide when to start. Since schools start teaching time somewhere between nursery one and two it makes sense for parents to follow suit.

Gather Tools:

There are different tools to use in this process, but choosing the perfect tool depends on you and your children. Examples are the hour glass, analog clock and calendar.

Show Them How Time Works: Clocks and Calendars-

When you show your kids how time works, do that by example. Set definite times for executing house chores and school homework, help them meet these deadlines.
Help them know the passing of days by using the calendar.

There are also fun ways to keep kids interested in this process of learning the importance of time. You can help them make a clock, have clock races with each other (time it takes to complete a task), own a family calendar and have everyone make input on it. Let them have their own calendars in their room and make them note important dates. Remember to stick to time even if the kids are having fun with a program, and avoid over-scheduling them with activities so they do not feel rushed.

In conclusion, make sure you include free time and also reward your kids for good time management practices.

Inspiration from https://www.calendar.com/blog/teach-kids-value-of-time/

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