Signs to Look Out For If Your Child Needs Extra Lesson

Signs to Look Out For If Your Child Needs Extra Lesson

Signs to Look Out For If Your Child Needs Extra Lesson

As a parent it is sometimes difficult to know when your child is struggling and needs extra help. They are often embarrassed and feel insecure, and would rather not mention that they are struggling. How are you to decipher that their turbulent teenage tantrums could be stemming from something other than those horrific hormones? Do you come to the full realization only when you are faced with the drop in their report card? Or do you determine now whether your child requires an extra boost to not only lift their marks, but their self esteem too?

Signs to Look Out For If Your Child Needs Extra Lesson

Attempting to avoid school

Your child may feign symptoms of illness just to stay out of school, especially on test days. Complaints such as “I don’t feel well enough for school,” or “we don’t do anything in class anyway” may be a cry for help from your child.

Attitude & Mood Changes

Keep an eye on changes in your child’s attitude, such as aggression when it is homework time, tantrum throwing in the mornings before school or a sudden shut down in communication about school. Should any child become negative about school, a warning flag should come up. This is very important as this may be signs to look out for if your child need extra lesson

Dishonesty about Homework & Tasks

Your child may insist on a daily basis that they do not have homework, just to avoid their having to face the nightmare ahead of dealing with work that is a struggle for them. It is sometimes hard to do so, but attempt to encourage your child to do their homework at the kitchen counter while you prepare supper, or for them to sit by you while you are working. This may create a more supportive, relaxed atmosphere for your child, rather than feeling alone to work by themselves in their bedroom.

Loss of Confidence

If your child is making negative comments about themselves, even in an offhand funny way, they may be experiencing a serious lack in self confidence. These types of jokes may be a cry for help in a disguised manner. Your child’s confidence levels affect every area of their lives and when it decreases, you have to take note and make every attempt to build it up.


Children that are usually self sufficient and able to manage their homework and studies, may become increasingly “needy” should their school work become a worry for them. Your carefree, strong and independent child may suddenly start to seek extra attention. This can be done in various ways, such as sudden physical “clinginess” or seeking your approval on everything, even silly things that usually do not merit consideration. Your child may be fraught with anxiety about their school work and not know how to accurately seek help for it, and will thus look for attention and closeness in other ways to feel secure. All these are signs to look out for if your child needs extra lesson.

Homework Time

Time spent on homework may also be a warning sign. If the time taken to complete homework is becoming longer and longer, this may be due to your child struggling to cope with the work and taking longer to finish as they have to battle through it, or it may be due to them wasting time doing other things to avoid actually doing the work and thus pretending to “work” every day. Make sure to have a look at the amount of work being given and how much time it should take. This is also signs to look out for if your child need extra lesson

As a parent there are countless responsibilities that go hand in hand with raising children. However, you cannot always do everything at once, no matter how much you want to. Between bathing, feeding, washing, clothing, working, seeing to scrapes and bumps as our children grow, any assistance is always welcome; especially when it may allow your children to excel both academically and emotionally.

A private high school tutor, for instance, is able to connect with your child through a mutual understanding of what your child is dealing with in school and what difficulties they are experiencing. By having the support of an ally who knows how your child feels, private tuition may afford your child an academic boost as well as lifting their confidence as they will no longer feel they have to cope alone.

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