Life Skills That Every Parent Must Teach Their Child

Life Skills That Every Parent Must Teach Their Child

Some children grow up to be fulfilled adult, establishing happy relationship and good careers.

Some children although intelligent  and doing well in life, go into depression others become addicts or alcoholic.

Some children make correct choices and others are confused. There are life skills that every parent must teach their child during this confusing times.

Lot of changes are taking place in the family structure,culture and society.

Internet and T.V has made sure that the world becomes a global village. There is a lot of exposure.

Children need help to choose wisely

There is an urgent need to provide set of skills to deal with the demands and the challenges of this new world.

It is recognized that EQ plays a major role in students’ personal and professional future.

Society emphasis on IQ is just not enough.

Many parent wonder and worry, “Apart from us, my children is influenced by internet, friends media and other outside sources. Will he make correct choices? Is he motivated to reach his potentials? Is he confident to assert himself in the competitive world and the stress.

There are life skills that every parent must teach their child.

The maximum and critical development of life skills occurs during childhood and adolescence.

1 Self-awareness and Managing emotion in a healthy

if you are happy, you are more likely to be successful. When you recognize and deal with them your self-esteem goes up. You feel confident. It is important to teach children how to deal with emotion.

2 Character Development

Create The Highest and Grandest Vision For Your Life, Because You Become What You Believe

 Taking responsibility for one’s life and thriving hard to make it successful requires right attitude and many skills like
  • Goal setting
  • Being proactive
  • Motivation to study/concentration
  •    Study/Memorizing/test taking tip

3. About Relationships

Social skills are very important to be good leaders.Being good leader in turn is important for the success. One must develop listening skills to develop good relationship.

  • Choose your friends carefully/Peer pressure
  • Me,Family, School,Society relationship and responsibility. If a child thinks only in terms of “me”, he loses empathy for others
  • Sensation seeking and high risk behavior.How to say no. the child need to learn how to stand up to peer behavior. He needs to learn to say no.
  • The relationship building techniques.

4 Communication

  • communication and confidence building techniques.

5 Stress Management

Life has become very stressful due to competition and rat race. Managing stress in a healthy way is one of the important skills a person have to leave a healthy and happy life.

6 Understanding Sexuality

Understanding, mind, and love

7 Decision making skills

The research shows that children who are taught decison making skills do not indulge in habit such has drugs and smoking.

These Life Skills work as

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