How to Help Teachers Out

How to Help Teachers Out

How to Help Teachers Out

Every parent wants kids to thrive in school  but what about the teachers who are there to make that happen? What can parents and community members do that might be actually useful, valued and appreciated by educators?

 Provide “weekend bags” of healthy food for kids

Some kids don’t get meals outside of school, so weekends and days off are horrible for them, A  bag of fresh, healthy food can help a family get through the weekend and have an immediate positive impact in a student’s life (thus immediately helping a teacher out!).

It would be nice to see parents creating initiatives to build an after-school tutorial program that is free for students to get extra help on homework.

If a student is worried about eating, or they are going hungry, then they aren’t going to be focused on learning. That can make kids hard to reach in class

  School supplies

Basic art, school and craft supplies are always in demand. “I’ve had families who can meet the basic needs, but extra paper or a much-needed binder are luxuries,” says Karen Goepen-Wee, who teaches in Alberta, Canada. “Also, students always need craft supplies. Imagine not being able to practice how to write or color or create because your family can’t afford the basics like crayons, glue and craft paper.”

 Create work-experience opportunities

Many teenagers have ideas about their future jobs, but never get the opportunity to see which ones really interest them. Students need to visit workplaces in administration, government and other fields.”

 Share your own skills and talents

Parents can help teachers out  by lending their expertise to schools, or by showing kids what they do all day. More ways are needed to get students invested in their future through career education, intern opportunities and field trips.  Especially in high school, students can get lost in the shuffle and could really use more strong adult connections.  And it doesn’t have to be in person — you can talk to student groups halfway around the globe via video calls.

 Subsidize Internet access

Some schools challenge is the lack of internet connectivity. If parents and the community can chip in funding for internet data bundles, that would help teachers out a lot with how they teach ICT.

Teach kids to be resilient

Parents need to build more resilience in their kids. Stop protecting kids from the consequences of their own behavior.

 Have heart and soul

It’s not enough to develop bright minds. We also need to help students to develop good hearts. Parents and community members can help by offering skills training in meditation, compassion and teamwork.

 Endorse vocational skills

Students need to be allowed to take a vocational path and be praised for doing so, and doing this help teachers out a lot with the children

 Show up

Parents need to be involved in their children’s learning, while also teaching parenting skills, It would be wonderful to fill  schools in the evening with parent/child cooking classes, this is how to help teachers out.

 Be an engaged parent

Parents need to get involved, ask the difficult questions, and listen to the answers, without aggression or blind belief that ‘their’ child is perfect, Meanwhile, sitting on a school board can be infinitely helpful.

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