Five Types Of Toxic Individuals That You Need To Stay Away From

Five Types Of Toxic Individuals That You Need To Stay Away From

Five Types Of Toxic Individuals That You Need To Stay Away From

Five Types Of Toxic Individuals That You Need To Stay Away From

So many people around the world today live in the presence of toxic people who do nothing to raise them up, they only bring them down. They’re left wondering why they feel so exhausted, emotional, and unhappy at the end of the day, because they simply don’t recognize that certain people in their lives are draining them.

Toxic people are the ones who seemingly defy any sort of basic rational thinking. They can be completely unaware of the damage they’re doing.  They can know exactly how malicious they are, either way they’re doing nothing to benefit your life. All they do is manifest drama and chaotic situations.

So, it’s important to be able to spot certain types of toxic people and get them away from you before you start to turn into a toxic person yourself.

Here are five types of toxic individuals that you need to stay away from

The person who always takes, never gives

When we enter into any relationship, we do it because we expect to gain some sort of benefit from it. Whether it be friendship, love, money, or the multitude of other reasons, we’re not doing it so we can be the only ones participating in it. People can become toxic to us when they’re not living up to their expected contribution to the relationship. These are people who never meet you halfway.

If there’s a person who’s always benefitting from you, but never offering up anything in return, it’s time to rethink this person’s value in your life. It’s best at some point to just stop giving in to what they want. Cut them off and do your own thing, or have a conversation about the state of your relationship.

The Passive-Aggressive

We’ve all dealt with passive-aggression from someone, and we’ve all acted passive-aggressively at times, and it is the worst. Especially when you need to get things done. Passive-aggression is bred from resentment and total lack of communication.

When a person is acting passive-aggressively, it’s because they don’t want to address the problem, but aren’t going to play nice either. You need to open up lines of communication to get to the bottom of why someone is acting in such a way, or get rid of them.

The constant downer

Yes, the world isn’t fair, we all know this. It doesn’t do anyone any good to sit there and complain about how all you can do is complain. We’ve all suffered through hardship and had to take paths in life that we didn’t want to take at some point, but the fact remains that when we complain and whine about the state of our lives, instead of trying to actively change them, we’re doing absolutely nothing to help better the situation. Cutting the negative downers out of your life will have you in a better mood with more energy in no time.

The punitive punisher

Punitive punishment is being punished for doing something outside of what someone expects you to do. If you do something that goes against what they want or have planned, and they try to knock you down a peg or two because of it; this person is toxic.

Punitive punishers have a bad habit of punishing without communicating. They know each and every one of your transgressions and are going to hold you accountable for them–even if you have no idea that they’re keeping a scoresheet.

The Liar

The liar is easily one of the most destructive types of toxic people for the sole fact that they cannot be trusted, at all. These are the people who weave so many different webs of lies that they’re not even sure where one story begins and another one ends.
Not to mention, we all know that eventually lies catch up with themselves; do you want to be beneath a liar when their foundation of lies crumbles? It’s a dangerous place to be if you’ve invested in that relationship.

Without trust, relationships simply do not exist in a healthy fashion. You’re best bet is to move on without this person in your life.

So there you have it folks Five Types Of Toxic Individuals That You Need To Stay Away From

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