Kids with slates

Failed educational system

As a teacher, I worry daily about the future of a lot of young people in Nigeria.

There aren’t enough schools provided by the government,  some of the so called private schools are not suitable for any tangible learning experience.
Recently I placed an advert for a Humanities teacher to do some editorial work in my company, I got 40 applications, selected 12 for interview, conducted telephone interviews for 4 out the 12.
There was clearly no point meeting any of those 4 candidates, I met the other 8 in person, but sadly I could not select anyone to fit the post.
So basically we have graduates walking the streets and majority are unemployable.
My brief experience is not uncommon to a lot of employers.
So the government has failed by letting children be taught so badly, non transferable skills, cannot think,  nor apply knowledge.
We have a lot to do!
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