Elections (For: The Nigerian Educator)

Elections (For: The Nigerian Educator)

Elections (For: The Nigerian Educator)

Elections in Nigeria

A topic for the minute and season.

How many private educators actually discuss the coming elections with their students? At what age should children be getting some basic education about democracy in Nigeria?

When an American talk about it’s citizenship, it’s done in such a way that you will be inquisitive about the intoxication to be one. The attitude of the Emirates is not much different from that, apart from the fact that they don’t say much. They walk with their head high and know who they are.

These two set of people, know their right, understand the political landscape of their country and some of it is taught in schools.

In the UK, citizens just don’t stray into key roles in politics prime ministers and member of parliaments.
They are normally blue eyed boys that have attended one of the Russell group universities.

Our starting point, will be some basic information passed on by teachers and parents about our political landscape, and making students strategically aware of what is about to happen.

Let’s not go on like we are not bothered and will not be affected regardless of the outcome.

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