7 Guaranteed Ways To Pass Your UTME Papers

7 Guaranteed Ways To Pass Your UTME Papers

7 Guaranteed Ways To Pass Your UTME Papers

Whether you call it JAMB, (as in jamming people’s success), or just UTME, Nigerians have been terrified of this exam for quite a while now. But here are a few tips that can make you never have to write it twice.

UTME should be a once in a lifetime exam. Follow this rules and you’ll never have to write another.

1. You need a goal.

Because if you have no goal, how can you score? Set a target for yourself, one definitely higher than the cut off mark of the schools of your choice. To make it more thorough, look at the four subjects you’re taking. Write down what you want to get in each subject. So lets say you want a 60 in English, 50 in Mathematics, 65 in Physics, and a 70 in Chemistry. When you break it down this way, you get an idea of your weak subjects and your strong subjects, and of course, it can help you prepare adequately.

2. Study study study.

Look, you can’t over-prepare for these exams. Read everything you find. Read as much as possible. And of course, start reading as early as possible too.

3. Make sure you’ve gone through at least the last 10 years past questions

Now, don’t just read volume, find structure in your reading. For example, old questions tend to pop up in JAMB in the past few years. You should study past questions, not just to understand how the questions are asked, but to possibly get bonuses on repeated questions. Every mark counts, really.

4. Take the JAMB syllabus seriously.

There are slight differences between the JAMB syllabus and the Certificate examinations syllabuses. Don’t underestimate JAMB and treat it like the others. Make the syllabus your reading guide and tick the topics one after the other.

5. Do a speed test.

Now, take one year’s worth of questions. Time yourself. Don’t take any breaks. Take a mock exam. Now, don’t take any breaks you’d normally not take if you were in the exam hall. See how long it took you to finish. If you finish on time, good. If you don’t, practice more till you can do it in good time.

6. Get enough rest before your paper.

I know this is hard. I know you probably want to read and study and study and study. But really, if you’ve studied enough, which you should have, then you should be getting enough sleep a day before your exams. Sleep well, early, so you can wake up sharp and ready to smash.

7. Make yourself proud.

Show up at that exam hall. Put in your best. Don’t do it for anyone, do it for yourself. Because let’s face it, success really does feel good. And you deserve a bit of that feeling too.

Goodluck with your exams and I wish you all the very best.


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