About Us

The Good Schools Guide Nigeria Service is an organisation with profiles of more than 50,000 schools ranging from Pre-school to Senior School and lots of appraisals from parents, students and teachers sharing information about the schools they are well aware of which serves as a platform for prospective parents and students to select the school that best suits their personality and preference.

What we do.

We review a good amount of schools here in Nigeria to bring you the most suitable, accessible and sustainable schools. Thus, promoting school - parents business and academic relationships.

Our services are rendered on a one-to-one basis. You give us details of what you want and we advise you on the best choice to make. We have experienced consultants who have visited numerous schools and are well equipped with information to help parents make the best choice in their school selections. Bring parents better information and understanding to help them make outstanding assessments about schools, knowledge and helping their children flourish.

Our Mission

Our Mission.

Assist parents and guardians make the best choice of schools for their children.

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Our Vision

Our Vision.

Give families the unique opportunity of finding the best schools, support boundless learning and guide their children to bright future.